Cleonette asks on the Open Thread: I’m curious: How old were you and what happened when you realized the color of your skin was an “issue”?

Her own story:

I was about 6-years-old. I went to the grocery store with my grandmother ( I was spending two weeks during the summer with her). My grandmother is a very, very fair skinned multiiracial woman, but I am brown skinned. My grandmother loved to shop at Kroger’s and she would go there almost every other day. We came to the cashier counter and the woman, who was white, was familiar with seeing my grandmother come in. They were familiar with each other.

The woman asked on seeing me, “Who’s little black girl is that?”

My grandmother said,”She’s my grandchild.”

“But she’s a black! You have black grandchildren! I don’t think I would like it much if one of my children had a…

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